A Little About Me

  The Staging Girl
Barbi Gearhart
 I grew up in real estate in the 80’s. My Mom was a Realtor and the origional Staging Girl (before it was an industry). My high childhood was filled with trips accompanying her to home improvement stores, meeting contractors, and setting up furniture for pictures. I learned what works, what doesn't work and why. I watched how changing even the smallest feature of a home can have a big affect in how it photographs, shows and how fast it sells. 

In 1993 I earned a degree in Residential Planning and Retailing (space management and spatial relationship as it relates to marketing a residence), and the Staging industary still wasn't invented yet. I love real estate and design so I worked in new home sales and marketing and I "staged homes" for friends and on-the-side. In 2007 I started The Staging Girl just as the Staging Industry was coming to life.

Over the last 12years I have worked with hundreds of real estate agents and on thousands of homes. I have been featured on TV networks such as NBC and CBS. My work has been featured in local magazines, newspapers and radio. Over the years I have been able to demonstrate to Realtors and Sellers that decorating and Staging are not the same, that HGTV is a great but it isn’t real life, and YES you can use the furniture you have. Knowing how to tailor your home staging to meet the expectations of your most likely the buyer has been key in these homes selling faster and for money. It has worked for thousands of homeowners and I know it can work for you. ​Just call me at 980-833-5865. The Staging Girl is here to help.